"A blog is an unedited version of yourself."



So where do we begin….

Like most people starting these kind of blogs, or simply just wanting to write something descriptive about themselves, I’m only a few lines in and I feel like a giggling little school girl who cant quite get the words out of their mouth.

Firstly I’m going to set this out straight, I’m going to remain anonymous, not only simply due to the fact that it seems the safest way to work on the Internet these days, but also because I don’t want people to read this and cast some high judged opinion about me like its some teenagers diary. I want this to be more about opening peoples eyes and minds, maybe make you stop and think about things.

Ive wanted to start a blog for, well a few years now. However I never sat down to find the time to actually work out what I would use it for, and what exactly I would want to do with it. I’ve now come to conclusion that I’m going to share my life, the highs, and the lows, and all the in-between parts. 

I’ll apologise now if your reading this expecting this to me some “crazy assed” journal about someones life that you can sit and read and draw inspiration to. Sorry, but I’m just normal… ish. I think it will just give you a general outlook into someone else’s life, some random posts, quotes and points of view about things.

So anyways, I think I’m going to stop there and just have a think about how I’m going to use this. Maybe I can blog my life a bit like this twitter craze everyone is clued to.

I think ill start at some point by making an “About Me” style page which can give you a little background (hopefully in brief) about my life up until now, the point of starting this.

Stay tuned…